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the Teenage Witch

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Real Name: Wanda Maximoff
Code Name: Scarlet Witch
Age: 19
Hair: Dark Brown with bright red highlights.
Eyes: Brown
Gender: Female

Wanda could cause strange and unpredictable things to occur just by gesturing. This "hex" power, however, was unstable and she could not control what would happen.


An orphan with her twin brother, Pietro, Wanda was raised by her "parents" Django and Marya Maximoff. As wandering gypsies, Wanda discovered her power was based on a gesture with her fingers. Frightened of the disasters she could create, Wanda wrapped her hands in gauze most the time. Except for once, when one small gesture and her parents’ home burst into flames, and the death of Marya.

To escape the flames, Pietro truly ran with Wanda for the first time in his life. Fighting the guilt and fear of her brother knowing, Wanda and Pietro lived as best they could for a while, relying on each other, and bonding, and all that. Then, they met Magneto who came to aid them. They had to accept the help of Erik Lehnsherr.

Magneto recruited the twins, claimed to be their real father, and than proceeded to bully and harass them. Only being used as a last resort due to her untapped powers, Wanda watcher her brother become part of the "Brotherhood" up to shortly after the Liberty Island incident. With Magneto in jail, Wanda watched her brother leave as she took in with a teacher of basic witchcraft, Agatha Harness, who taught her to keep her hexes in check and concentrate on much more advanced witchery, something Pietro didn’t know about. Pietro had taken off for parts unknown but promising to return.

After his return to Genosha, Wanda also returned, more confident in her powers, but still frightened of them. Knowing she had to eventually, Wanda finally told Pietro that it was her hex that killed Marya. This caused a strain in their closeness. Before they could talk it out, a big fight with Magneto ensued and Pietro left.

Distraught after losing her brother and not knowing if they would ever be close, Wanda left Genosha to study witchcraft again. After the destruction of Genosha, Wanda has tried to find her brother to tell her she’s alive and well, but she’s not found him yet. Desperate, she heads to Xavier’s, not knowing where else to look.